About TJD Legal

Founded in 2015 by Tristan Morris, TJD Legal has rapidly grown to be on of the premier legal companies in Warwickshire, dealing with clients all over the country covering a wide range of industries each with their own long list of problems and compliance issues that we help them with.

Whether it’s collecting on unpaid invoices to ensure our partners have the cash flow to keep on trading, or informing and keeping them compliant on their duty of care towards both their employees and environmental policies.

With cash being tight amongst governmental agencies, many local authorities began issuing large fines for minor infringements of policies, such as lack of paperwork, as a way to top up their finances. These issues can be as little as lacking a low cost permit and the consequences are thousands of pounds in fines. Almost 90% of companies we have dealt with were lacking at least part of their paperwork before working with us, and were risking large fines – This is exactly what motivated Tristan to go into business, tired of seeing many hard working business owners punished for minor lapses in knowledge or compliance, he quickly realised he could help a business become compliant for a fraction of the cost of even a single fine.


Our staff have held numerous positions in both the public and private sector in both civil and criminal matters, with years of training and experience covering all aspects of the real world issues you have faced and will face as a business owner.

Who We Are

“12 years experience in all aspects of paralegal, environmental and financial matters.”

Tristan Morris - FOUNDER

Our History

  • 2017 – New business online presence to better showcase our services
  • 2016 – Fresh investment brings new partner onboard
  • 2015 – Business starts upand working with clients
  • 2014 – Initial idea and business sustainibility plan