Duty of Care in Waste Disposal

The process of disposing of waste for a businesses is no longer as simple as ‘chucking it in the bin’.  All waste requires accompanying paperwork that must be retained for a minimum of 2 years. You also have a duty to ensure that the people you pass waste onto are suitable to carry it.

As local authorities feel the pinch of the cuts to services, they are constantly searching for other ways in which to obtain further funds. The latest method of obtaining these funds is to extract them from small and medium business owners for failing to be compliant on little known regulations to do with Duty of Care. By failing in your ‘Duty of Care’ you are liable to criminal charges being brought against you which could impact your business severely.

We offer a peace of mind service, and will will meticulously go through every aspect of your business with you and advise on your best approach to waste disposal legislation. No other service like this is available, and is ideal for businesses in the construction industry or any other industry that handle different types of waste on a regular basis.

We will create a bespoke package for you and your company which will guarantee to reduce the likelihood of falling foul of the increasing amount of spot checks by the Environment Agency or Local Authorities. Our fees start as little as £50.

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